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Personal Recommendations

"I totally recommend Dianne if you're looking to buy or sell. She was recommended to me a year ago when I needed to sell my West Van condo.

I had no experience with real estate sales and didn't know what to expect. Dianne used all her skills immediately -- and my apartment was sold to the first (of a number of serious clients) who came to view it. The price was good and realistic, and she continued to hand-hold until the deal was done, plans were made to clear the flat, and the new owner took possession. How much better could it get?"

Olivia Ward

“My Realtor, Dianne is a very caring, thoughtful and competent Realtor who has my interests at heart, and knows exactly what I am looking for to purchase my next home. I highly recommend her wonderful services."

Lorna-Jane Rush

"I have known Dianne both as a coworker and as a friend for about ten years.  She has a strong work ethic, is very loyal, professional, trustworthy and caring.

When a friend needed to buy a house, I immediately recommended Dianne, who spent many hours searching for the perfect "dream"  home for her.  Dianne knew instinctively when she found it and when she showed it to my friend, she was overjoyed and has since purchased it.

I highly recommend Dianne for any of your real estate needs!"

Susan Haddad

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